A physical model for firespread in brush
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): F. A. Albini
Publication Year: 1967

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  • brush
  • combustion
  • flame length
  • fuel loading
  • fuel types
  • ignition
  • moisture
  • radiation
  • rate of spread
  • wildfires
  • wind
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The elements of a theory for the process of free spread of fire through brush are presented in terms of simple stepwise processes, which are analyzed separately but joined by their common physical parameters. The stepwise processes analyzed are: (1) Preheating (by radiation) and outgassing of volatile-bearing structure ahead of the flame; (2) Intermittent ignition of the combustible gas mixture so produced; (3) Attachment of flame to fuel after heating by flame bath; (4) Steady burning after flame attachment. Dimensionless spread rate, flame length; and burning zone depth are derived and displayed as functions of fuel-bed height, depth of leafy layer, moisture content, fuel loading, and several less-physical parameters. Very elementary account is taken of the effect of wind by adjusting the flame-tilt angle.

Albini, F. A. 1967. A physical model for firespread in brush, Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Combustion, August 14-20, 1966, Berkeley, CA. Combustion Institute,Pittsburgh, PA. p. 553-560,