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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Patrick I. Wilson; Travis B. Paveglio; Dennis R. Becker
Publication Date: 2018

Often missing or underdeveloped in wildland fire research is a clear sense of the link between contemporaneous political possibility and the desired ecological or management outcomes. We examine the disconnect between desired outcomes and what we call the “politically possible”. Politically possible policy solutions are those that recognize how compromise, stakeholder engagement, and the distribution of costs and benefits combine to structure political acceptability. Better attending to the politically possible in wildland fire-related research can, in turn, inform our understanding of the cause, effect, and the potential solutions to fire management challenges. We observe how a lack of awareness and attention to the politically possible can create divisions or barriers to realistic action.

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Citation: Wilson, Patrick I.; Paveglio, Travis; Becker, Dennis. 2018. The politically possible and wildland fire research. Fire 1(1):12.

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Alaska    California    Eastern    Great Basin    Hawaii    Northern Rockies    Northwest    Rocky Mountain    Southern    Southwest    National
  • landscapes
  • management
  • policy
  • stakeholders
  • wildland fire
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