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Type: Report
Author(s): Enrico Ronchi; Steven M. V. Gwynne; Guillermo Rein; Guillermo Wadhwani; Paolo Intini; Albin Bergstedt
Publication Date: 2017

The number of evacuees worldwide during wildfire keep rising, year after year. Fire evacuations at the wildland-urban interfaces (WUI) pose a serious challenge to fire and emergency services and are a global issue affecting thousands of communities around the world. But to date, there is a lack of comprehensive tools able to inform, train or aid the evacuation response and the decision making in case of wildfire. The present work describes a novel framework for modelling wildfire urban evacuations. The framework is based on multi-physics simulations that can quantify the evacuation performance. The work argues that an integrated approached requires considering and integrating all three important components of WUI evacuation, namely: fire spread, pedestrian movement, and traffic movement. The report includes a systematic review of each model component, and the key features needed for the integration into a comprehensive toolkit.

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Citation: Ronchi, Enrico; Gwynne, Steven M. V.; Rein, Guillermo; Wadhwani, Rahul; Intini, Paolo; Bergstedt, Albin. 2017. e-Sanctuary: open multi-physics framework for modelling wildfire urban evacuation. Quincy, MA: Fire Protection Research Foundation. 608 p.

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  • decision making
  • evacuation
  • wildfire
  • wildland fire
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