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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Merritt R. Turetsky; Jennifer L. Baltzer; Jill F. Johnstone; Michelle C. Mack; Kevin McCann; Edward A.G. Schuur
Publication Date: 2017

Northern ecosystem processes play out across scales that are rare elsewhere on contemporary earth: large ranging predator–prey systems are still operational, invasive species are rare, and large-scale natural disturbances occur extensively. Disturbances in the far north affect huge areas of land and are difficult to control or manage. Historically, disturbance patterns and processes ranging across a number of spatio-temporal scales have played an important role in the resilience of northern ecosystems. However, due to interactions with a warming climate, these disturbances are now erasing key legacies of the last millennia of ecosystem processes. Building on the concepts of legacies and cross-scale interactions, we highlight several general conceptual issues that represent key challenges for the future of northern ecosystem science, but that also have relevance to other biomes.

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Citation: Turetsky, Merritt R.; Baltzer, Jennifer L.; Johnstone, Jill F.; Mack, Michelle C.; McCann, Kevin; Schuur, Edward A. G. 2017. Losing legacies, ecological release, and transient responses: key challenges for the future of northern ecosystem science. Ecosystems 20(1):23-30.

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  • Arctic
  • boreal
  • C - carbon
  • climate change
  • disturbance
  • diversity
  • niche
  • permafrost
  • succession
  • trophic interactions
  • wildfire
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