Fuel treatment and previous fire effects on daily fire management costs
  • Kevin M. Barnett
  • Helen T. Naughton
    University of Montana
  • Sean A. Parks
    Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute
  • Carol L. Miller
    Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute
  • US Forest Service, Research Data Archive
Funding Source(s):
  • Joint Fire Science Program
Publication Date: 2017

Cataloging Information

  • expenditures
  • fire cost
  • fire suppression
  • forest management
  • fuel treatments
Geospatial Information:
xMax: -75.7408 , xMin: -123.7545 , yMax: 47.9109 , yMin: 31.5466 , Datum: WGS84
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Record Last Modified: August 20, 2019
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This publication contains tabular data used to evaluate the effects of fuel treatments and previously burned areas on daily wildland fire management costs. The data represent daily Forest Service fire management costs for a sample of 56 fires that burned between 2008 and 2012 throughout the conterminous United States. Included in the data is a suite of spatially derived variables used to control for variation in daily fire management costs, including topography, fire weather, fuel loading, remoteness, and human populations-at-risk. These data were extracted using daily fire progression maps produced using the methods outlined in Parks (2014). [This data product is archived in the USFS Research Data Archive, number RDS-2017-0050.]

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