Wind and slope effects on laboratory-scale fire behavior
  • David R. Weise
    US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station
  • US Forest Service, Research Data Archive
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  • US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station
Publication Date: 2017

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  • flame length
  • laboratory fires
  • rate of spread
  • slope
  • wind
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xMax: 83.5393 , xMin: 83.5393 , yMax: 32.8065 , yMin: 32.8065 , Datum: WGS84
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Record Last Modified: August 20, 2019
FRAMES Record Number: 25690


Wind and slope interaction effects on rate of spread, flame length and flame angle were examined in 65 fires in an open-topped tilting wind tunnel. Fuel beds consisted of vertically-oriented birch sticks and horizontally oriented aspen excelsior. A complete factorial experiment with five wind velocities (-1.1 to 1.1 meters/second) and five slope angles (-30 to 30%) arranged in a randomized complete block design was replicated twice. Flame rate of spread, flame height, and flame angle were measured using thermocouples and video imagery. Moisture content of 60 fires was 11%; 5 fires had a fuel moisture content of 35%. This data publication includes data summarizing the 65 fires, velocity profiles measured in the wind tunnel, and raw thermocouple data for the 65 fires. [This data product is archived in the USFS Research Data Archive, number RDS-2017-0018.]

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