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Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Louis R. Iverson; Daniel A. Yaussy; Joanne X. Rebbeck; Todd F. Hutchinson; Robert P. Long; Brian C. McCarthy; Cynthia L. Riccardi; Anantha M. Prasad
Editor(s): Jerry W. Van Sambeek; Jeffrey O. Dawson; Felix Ponder Jr.; Edward F. Loewenstein; James S. Fralish
Publication Date: 2003

Prescribed surface fires are being investigated, in conjunction with thinning, as silvicultural tools for assisting in the regeneration of mixed oak forests in the Central Hardwoods Region. Fires were conducted on 2001 March 28 and 2001 April 4-5, respectively, at the Tar Hollow (TAR) and Zaleski (ZAL) State Forests, and at the Raccoon Ecological Management Area (REMA) in southern Ohio. The three sites had been previously surveyed into a 50-m grid. A total of over 400 grid points was established across the three areas.

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Citation: Iverson, Louis R.; Yaussy, Daniel A.; Rebbeck, Joanne; Hutchinson, Todd F.; Long, Robert P.; McCarthy, Brian C.; Riccardi, Cynthia L.; Prasad, Anantha. 2003. Spatial and temporal distribution of fire temperatures from prescribed fires in the mixed oak forests of southern Ohio. In: Van Sambeek, Jerry W.; Dawson, Jeffrey O.; Ponder Jr., Felix; Loewenstein, Edward F.; Fralish, James S. (eds). Proceedings of the 13th Central Hardwood Forest Conference, April 1-3, 2002, Urbana, IL. Gen. Tech. Rep. NC-GTR-234. St. Paul, MN: USDA Forest Service, North Central Research Station. 293-294.

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  • central hardwood region
  • FFS - Fire and Fire Surrogate Study
  • fire temperature
  • fuel treatments
  • management plan
  • Ohio
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