Climate, Megafires, and Conservation Financing
Media Type: Webinar
  • Cynthia West
    US Department of Agriculture
  • Shawna A. Legarza
    US Forest Service, Fire and Aviation Management
  • W. Matt Jolly
    US Forest Service, Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory
  • Jacqueline Emanuel
    US Forest Service
  • Zach Knight
    Blue Forest Conservation
Distribution Contact(s):
  • Dixie Porter
    US Forest Service
Date: December 11, 2017

Cataloging Information

  • annual precipitation
  • climate change
  • fire danger indices
  • fire regimes
  • fire return interval
  • fire season length
  • fire suppression
  • fire suppression costs
  • Forest Resilience Bond
  • global carbon cycle
  • rain
  • relative humidity
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Join us in a discussion on how climatic changes can influence wildland fire activity across the globe and how these critical fire weather variables have changed over the last 40 years. These changes in key weather variables have combined to both lengthen the fire season and increase the fire weather severity within the fire season. With more area burned each year, the Forest Service is exploring innovate ways to finance conservation and restoration work. The Blue Forest Conservation’s Forest Resilience Bond invests in restoration projects that protect forest health, mitigating both wildfire and drought risk. Contracting with both public and private beneficiaries to monetize the multifaceted benefits of forest restoration, the Forest Resilience Bond creates value for a diverse set of stakeholders (including the US Forest Service, water and electric utilities, private water-dependent companies, state governments, and insurance companies).

Recording Length: 1:34:58