Surging Wildfire in the Southern Great Plains
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  • Victoria M. Donovan
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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  • Great Plains Fire Science Exchange
Date: October 26, 2017

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  • altered fire regimes
  • ecoregions
  • fire frequency
  • fire probability
  • fire regime
  • fire return interval
  • fire suppression effects
  • GPE - Great Plains Fire Science Exchange
  • grasslands
  • Great Plains
  • savannas
  • seasonality
  • total area burned
  • wildfires
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Victoria Donovan is an ecologist completing her PhD at the University of Nebraska, in Lincoln. Her dissertation research focuses on system transformations driven by disturbance, with an emphasis on large-scale wildfire patterns in the Great Plains. In particular, she is interested in integrating concepts of resilience theory into wildfire research and management in the Great Plains biome in order to unravel some of the complex dynamics surrounding wildfire and ecosystem resilience to perturbation. Her research interests include landscape ecology, resilience and complexity science, and wildlife ecology.

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