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Type: Report
Author(s): International Association of Fire Chiefs
Publication Date: Unknown

Wildland-urban interface (WUI) fires are a growing community problem. In local communities, the fire service has the authority and responsibility to provide for life safety and protection of property. As fire service leaders, along with this operational response, we have the authority and responsibility to work with cooperators and property owners to mitigate wildfire risk. In addition to protecting life and property, wildfire mitigation can also improve firefighter safety as well as help protect at-risk populations, critical infrastructure, cultural sites, and natural resources. In 2004, the Communities Committee of the Seventh American Forest Congress, Society of American Foresters, National Association of Counties, and the National Association of State Foresters sponsored and developed a handbook entitled Preparing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan. (Communities Committee of the Seventh American Forest Congress; Society of American Foresters; National Association of Counties; National Association of State Foresters, 2004) This guide is intended to supplement that handbook, with special considerations for local fire service leaders in communities identified as at-risk of wildfire. While adjacency to public lands (forests, brushlands and grasslands) can impact wildfire risk, there are ways to impact and reduce wildfire risk from within the community as well. This includes a focus on local codes and ordinances, home ignition zones, defensible space, ignition-resistant construction and design standards, as well as hazardous fuels reduction in parks, common-owned areas, and open spaces within the local jurisdiction.

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Citation: International Association of Fire Chiefs. A fire service leader's guide to preparing a community wildfire protection plan. 16 p.

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