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Type: Newsletter
Publication Date: 2017

Suicide in the Wildland Fire Service. What are the statistics on wildland firefighter suicide deaths? Why does such a negative stigma prevent discussing suicide in our business? What should we all know about suicide and suicide prevention? Answers to these significant questions—and more—are explored in this informative issue. Folks who have firsthand experience—and lessons—regarding suicide share their heartfelt stories. In addition, many of our wildland fire agencies’ subject matter experts in this field share their insights in a separate companion report.

Citation: Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center. 2017. Two More Chains: Suicide in the Wildland Fire Service - Information and Insights from the Wildland Fire Agency Subject Matter Experts. Two More Chains 7(1):12 p.

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  • firefighter safety
  • mental health
  • stress
  • suicide
  • suicide prevention
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