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Type: Poster
Author(s): Robert Ziel; Heidi Strader; K. T. Pyne; Marsha Henderson
Publication Date: 2016

Presented at the 2016 Spring Alaska Fire Science Workshop. Weather information, surface observations and forecasts, is among the most widely viewed topics on the web. It is the one way that the history, current setting, and forecast fire potential can be quickly compared. Fire management users continue to access and share this information freely from a variety of sources. Integrations and interpretations, in the form of fire danger and fire behavior assessments, are increasingly available in other online environments available to the initiated and experienced users. However, bringing these tools to those charged with making decisions requires additional effort in calibrating the message and integrating it into the decision environment. Alaska Fire and Fuels (AKFF), a development of the Bureau of Land Management Alaska Fire Service and Mesowest, and Integrated Fire Management (IFM), a development of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and Selkirk Systems, is an example of how this integration can facilitates informed decisions. It is also a lesson in the effort required to optimize the information for busy managers in critical situations.

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Citation: Ziel, Robert; Strader, Heidi; Pyne, Kathryn; Henerson, Marsha. 2016. Facilitating Daily Readiness Decisions: Integrating Wildfire Hazard/Risk Information into Decision Tools - Poster.

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