A Guide to Rate of Fire Spread Models for Australian Vegetation
Document Type: Book
Author(s): Miguel G. Cruz; James S. Gould; Martin E. Alexander; Andrew L. Sullivan; William Lachlan McCaw; Stuart Matthews
Publication Year: 2015

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  • Australia
  • continuous grasslands
  • dry sclerophyll forests
  • fire spread model
  • fuel types
  • hummock grasslands
  • pine plantations
  • shrublands
  • wet sclerophyll forests
  • wildfire
  • International
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This book provides an introductory overview on the "art and science" of predicting bushfire behaviour as well as an historical perspective of fire behaviour research in Australia. It then identifies a total of 22 fire spread models used operationally for wildfire and prescribed burning applications. The models cover fire spread prediction in a wide range of fuel types, including hummock and continuous grasslands, shrublands, dry and wet sclerophyll forests, as well as pine plantations.

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Cruz, Miguel G.; Gould, James S.; Alexander, Martin E.; Sullivan, Andrew L.; McCaw, W. Lachlan; Matthews, Stuart. 2015. A Guide to Rate of Fire Spread Models for Australian Vegetation. CSIRO Land and Water Flagship, Canberra, and AFAC, Melbourne, Australia. 123 p.