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Type: Webinar
Distribution Contact(s):
  • Alaska Natural Resource and Outdoor Education Association
Publication Date: June 15, 2016

Tundra Fires in a Changing Climate presented by Jennifer Barnes of the National Park Service. This webinar was part of a series hosted by the Alaska Natural Resource and Outdoor Education (ANROE) Association titled "Fire in a Changing Climate for Educators." ANROE provided workshops during the spring of 2016 that introduced interdisciplinary content and activities for teaching students about wildland fire ecology and behavior, climate change science as it pertains to wildland fire, fire management, and how to make homes Firewise.

Recording Length: 0:46:11
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Cataloging Information

  • acres burned
  • annual area burned
  • climate change
  • fire frequency
  • fire regimes
  • fire return intervals
  • fire season duration
  • fire severity
  • lightning
  • shrub expansion
  • tundra
  • tundra ecosystems
  • tundra fire
  • wildlife habitat
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