Feathermoss: A Fuel Bed Misfit
Media Type: Webinar
  • Eric A. Miller
  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Date: March 2016

Cataloging Information

  • EMC - Equilibrium Moisture Content
  • feathermosses
  • FFMC - CFFDRS Fine Fuel Moisture Code
  • fire spread model
  • fuel bed
  • fuel moisture
  • moisture of extinction
  • moss
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Summary: Why does the feathermoss fuel bed fit so poorly into fire behavior and fire danger rating systems? What do we know or think we know? This presentation will explore the feathermoss fuel bed in the context of poikilohydry in bryophytes, hydro-/cryology- , FFMC, saturation and equilibrium moisture contents, moisture of extinction, and other inputs to the Rothermel fire spread model. This presentation begins at the 23:30 mark of the recording.

Recording Length: 1:05:29
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