Science Delivery: Approaches and Influences on Success
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  • Vita Wright
    US Forest Service, Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute
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  • Melly A. Reuling
  • Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Date: December 9, 2015

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  • fire science delivery
  • fuels management
  • information sharing
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Using fire and fuels management as an example, this two pronged webinar will cover current best practices for science delivery and report the results of a study designed to improve future science delivery by understanding potential science users. A survey of 500 fire managers and decision makers in the United States Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management was used to assess individual and organizational Influences on the use of science. Influences included demographics, experience with scientists, beliefs about research usefulness, and work unit and agency culture. Results of a follow-up study assessing informal fire science communication networks will also be presented. The webinar will conclude with recommendations for improving the effectiveness of science delivery and ask for feedback from attendees on whether these results match their experiences.

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