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Type: Fact Sheet / Brief / Bulletin
Author(s): Torre J. Hovick; R. Dwayne Elmore
Publication Date: 2015

Alteration of grassland disturbance regimes has greatly diminished grassland structural complexity and is likely a contributing factor to the decline in grassland bird populations. As a group, grassland and arid land bird populations (i.e. rangeland birds) have experienced greater declines than any other group of birds over the last half century (NABCI 2014, Sauer et al. 2014). Restoring heterogeneity to grasslands through the interaction of fire and grazing has been shown to increase diversity in breeding grassland birds, but the level of heterogeneity (i.e. number of patches) that maximizes diversity is unknown. We sought to examine breeding bird response to a gradient of fire and grazing dependent heterogeneity.

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Citation: Hovick, Torre J.; Elmore, R. Dwayne. 2015. Research brief: Interacting fire and grazing is for the birds. GPE Publication 2015-13. Great Plains Fire Science Exchange. 2 p.

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  • bird population
  • breeding birds
  • grasslands
  • grazing
  • heterogeneity
  • non-breeding birds
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