Forest health: fire behavior considerations
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Martin E. Alexander
Publication Year: 2006

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  • Canada
  • CFIS - Crown Fire Initiation and Spread System
  • crown fire hazard
  • FBP - CFFDRS Fire Behavior Prediction System
  • fire behavior prediction systems
  • fire management
  • fuel characteristics
  • FWI - Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System
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Provide a overview (for the non-specialist) of relevant fire behavior terms and concepts, existing tools for predicting fire behavior at the stand level (with particular emphasis on crown fire), and finally, to offer some suggestions for future direction.

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Alexander, Martin E. 2006. Forest health: fire behavior considerations. Proceedings of the Post-Harvest Stand Development Conference (in Appendix DVD). 2006 January 31-February 1. Hinton, Alberta: Foothills Model Forest, Foothills Growth and Yield Association, Alberta Forest Genetic Resources Council, and Forest Resources Improvement Association of Alberta. 56 p.