Fuel Moisture Changes from Sprinkler Watering Treatment in Alaska Boreal Forest
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  • Devon Barnes
    University of Alberta
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  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Date: April 1, 2015

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  • boreal forest
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  • fuel management
  • fuel moisture
  • litter
  • moss
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Devon Barnes, from the University of Alberta, spent the field season of 2013 in Alaska conducting sprinkler watering treatments in spruce forest to understand the optimum duration and effectiveness of treatments. He is finishing writing up the results for a M.S. Degree and presented findings at a workshop hosted by the Alaska Fire Science Consortium in Fairbanks (April 1, 2015). He found that live moss (litter) layer responds faster than dead moss (duff-DMC) layer to the sprinkling, determined wetting curves and water-holding capacities of the materials. He also provides useful operational tips like closed-circuit watering systems, dual pumps, and hrs of fuel required to achieve results using Mark 3 pumps.

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