Moisture exchange models for standing dead grass in Alaska
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  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Date: April 1, 2015

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  • Alaska
  • EMC - Equilibrium Moisture Content
  • fuel moisture content
  • moisture content
  • moisture exchange
  • relative humidity
  • standing dead grass
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Eric Miller, BLM-AFS Fire Ecologist, spoke at the April Fire Science Workshop in Fairbanks about finding the right grass fuel model for prescribed burning in Alaska. He has been collecting data and samples from prescribed burning on military training ranges in Alaska (where the primary fire fuel is standing dead grass) for six years. After testing several types of previously developed models and model forms, he came up with recommendations for predicting dead grass fuel moisture content and has created a website with tools for dead grass fuel moisture content and probability of ignition forecasts specific to locations in Alaska. This 20 minute video is part silent movie part recorded explanation of the model development. Be sure to watch the end for how to access the web tools.

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