Prediction of cull following fire in Appalachian oaks
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): George H. Hepting
Publication Year: 1941

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The two most important causes of butt defect in eastern hardwoods are rot that develops from fire wounds and rot that starts in the parent stumps of sprouts and spreads into the new sprouts (5). Butt rot has long been recognized as one of the major harmful effects of fire in hardwoods, but only recently have attempts been made to discover means of estimating and predicting the extent of such losses other than by ocular estimate. Improved means of appraising fire damage should lead to better allocation of fire-protection funds and to more equitable settlement of damage claims. A valid method for predicting cull following fire should also help guide salvage policy and marking practice in both timber sales and stand improvement work. Earlier investigations of decay following fire in Delta hardwoods (2) and Appalachian hardwoods (3) suggested possible correlation between butt cull and a number of measurable factors, including age of tree, number of years since the fire, diameter of the tree when wounded, and width of wound. The present study was designed to incorporate those factors most highly correlated with butt cull and most easily measurable in the field into a statistical mechanism by which the amount of cull that will develop in oaks wounded by fire in the Appalachian mountain region can be predicted. This work is one phase of an extensive investigation of fire effects that is being carried on at the Appalachian Forest Experiment Station. The characteristics of the forests in the region where this work is centered, with particular regard to the causes and amount of cull due to heart rot, have been described by Hepting and Hedgcock (3).

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Hepting, George H. 1941. Prediction of cull following fire in Appalachian oaks. Journal of Agricultural Research 62(2):109-120.