Season review of Northwest Territories record-breaking 2014 fire season
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  • Beverly Archibald
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  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Date: October 2014

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  • AO - Arctic Oscillation
  • climate change
  • drought
  • ENSO - El Nino Southern Oscillation
  • fire prediction
  • fire weather
  • fuel moisture
  • Northwest Territories
  • polar vortex
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Canada's NWT burned over 7 million acres in 2014. What were the indications (drought codes, forecasts, fuel moisture) to alert managers that they were in for a record-breaking season? How well did pre- and early-season Fuel Moisture Indices reflect the fire risk? What were the large-scale atmospheric conditions that produced the "perfect storm" of summer fire weather (and set up a wet season for neighboring Alaska at the same time)? NWT Meteorologist Bev Archibald reviews the 2014 season, answering these questions and discussing the outlook for 2015 in this 30-minute video.

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