Use of probes/dataloggers to compare field fuel moisture to FWI indices
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  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Date: October 2014

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  • CFFDRS - Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
  • datalogger
  • DC - CFFDRS Drought Code
  • duff
  • fire weather indices
  • fuel moisture
  • FWI - Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System
  • hydrologic modeling
  • probes
  • soil temperature
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This short video records a presentation by Bureau of Land Management-Alaska Fire Service Fire Fuel Specialist Eric Miller on preliminary work he did in field validating Fire Weather Indices of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System with probes and weather stations in interior Alaska. He explains the difference between CFFDRS algorithms and hydrologic models and outlines some of the confounding factors in modeling drying of duff layers in permafrost areas. The "DC" or drought code is particularly troublesome when it comes to field validation in Alaska. Find out why--watch the 7 minute video!

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