The role of fire management in altering ecosystems
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): William A. Niering
Editor(s): Harold A. Mooney; T. M. Bonnicksen; Norman L. Christensen Jr.; James E. Lotan; William A. Reiners
Publication Year: 1981

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  • diversity
  • fire management
  • forest
  • habitat
  • natural areas
  • range
  • wildlife
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Prescribed burning is extensively used in wildlife, forest, and range management, and in maintaining biotic diversity. Burning tends to increase food and/or favourable habitat conditions for many upland game and waterfowl species. Prescribed burning in forest management is used in site preparation, removal of competitive species, and fire hazard reduction. Fire is used in preserving biotic diversity in natural areas by stimulating natural fire frequencies and intensities. Favourable forage species are also maintained by integrated fire management regimes. In altering habitats with fire, a holistic view must be maintained to preserve ecosystem integrity.

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Niering, William A. 1981. The role of fire management in altering ecosystems. Pages 489-510. In: Mooney, H. A.; Bonnicksen, T. M.; Christensen, Norman L.; Lotan, James E.; Reiners, William A. (Technical coordinators). Fire regimes and ecosystem properties: proceedings of the conference (Dec. 11-15, 1978, Honolulu, Hawaii). General Technical Report WO-GTR-26. Washington, D.C.: USDA Forest Service.