Smoke source characteristics
Document Type: Book Chapter
Author(s): Roger D. Ottmar
Editor(s): Colin C. Hardy; Roger D. Ottmar; Janice L. Peterson; John E. Core; Paula Seamon
Publication Year: 2001

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  • FERA - Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team
  • fuel consumption
  • fuel loadings
  • fuel moisture content
  • fuel structure
  • particulate matter (PM) emissions
  • phases of combustion
  • smoke
  • smoke characteristics
  • wildland fire
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The National Wildfire Coordinating Group's (NWCG) Fire Use Working Team has assumed overall responsibility for sponsoring the development and production of this revised Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed and Wildland Fire (the 'Guide'). The Mission Statement for the Fire Use Working Team includes the need to coordinate and advocate the use of fire to achieve management objectives, and to promote a greater understanding of the role of fire and its effects. The Fire Use Working Team recognizes that the ignition of wildland fuels by land managers, or the use of wildland fires ignited by natural causes to achieve specific management objectives is receiving continued emphasis from fire management specialists, land managers, environmental groups, politicians and the general public. Yet, at the same time that fire use programs are increasing, concerns are being expressed regarding associated 'costs' such as smoke management problems. This revised Guide is the Fire Use Working Team's contribution to a better national understanding and application of smoke management.

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Ottmar, Roger D. 2001. Smoke source characteristics. In Hardy, Colin C.; Ottmar, Roger D.; Peterson, Janice L.; Core, John E.; Seamon, Paula (Ed.). Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed and Wildland Fire: 2001 Edition. National Wildfire Coordinating Group, Fire Use Working Team. Boise, ID. pp. 89-105.