Height of crown scorch in forest fires
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Charles E. Van Wagner
Publication Year: 1973

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  • air temperature
  • crown scorch
  • fireline intensity
  • wind
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A relation between fire behavior and crown scorch height is derived from measurements on 13 experimental outdoor fires. The range of data includes fire intensities from 16 to 300 kcal/s-m, and scorch heights from 2 to 17 m. The results agree with established theory that scorch height varies with the 2/3 power of line-fire intensity. The effects of air temperature and wind speed on scorch height are treated as well. The derived relations could be useful to those interested in prescribed burning under a crown canopy, ecological response of trees to fires of varying intensity, and timber losses following forest fires.

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Van Wagner, Charles E. 1973. Height of crown scorch in forest fires. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 3(3):373-378.