Fire effects on caribou forage lichens in tussock tundra - poster
Document Type: Unpublished Work
Author(s): Randi R. Jandt; Cynthia Randy Meyers
Publication Year: 2000

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  • caribou
  • Cladina rangiferina
  • Cladina stellaris
  • lichens
  • Rangifer tarandus
  • reindeer lichen
  • tussock tundra
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Land managers in Alaska need information on lichen regeneration timelines specific to their region to establish sound fire management guidelines for caribou winter range. North American caribou (Rangifer tarandus) herds are largely dependent on lichens for winter forage. Winter fecal pellets from caribou in the Buckland Valley consisted of 85% lichens in 17 composite samples (Jandt, unpublished data), indicating that lichen constitutes a major portion of the winter diet for the Western Arctic Caribou Herd, which winters in this area. Studies have shown that caribou will select for this high carbohydrate food when available, especially the Cladinas, or "reindeer lichens."

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Jandt, Randi R.; Meyers, C. Randy. 2000. Fire effects on caribou forage lichens in tussock tundra - poster.