New Satellite Sensors for Wildfire Mapping and Monitoring
Document Type: Fact Sheet / Brief / Bulletin
Author(s): Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Publication Year: 2014

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  • ALOS-2
  • remote sensing
  • satellite imagery
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Hokkaido University (HU) is one of the world leaders in developing new earth-observing space technology. Dr. Koji Nakau leads their wildfire remote sensing applications team. He's working with various partners-including UAF-on new satellite-derived products delivered to wildland fire managers in Alaska and around the world. They are especially excited about the May 24th (2014) launch of a rocket carrying ALOS-2 (Advanced Land Observing Satellite) which is also carrying a couple microsatellites with sensors specifically designed by his team to detect wildfire signatures. In addition to improving real-time operational support, satellite data is analyzed in support of wildfire propagation modeling, smoke transport, fuels estimates, and post-fire ecology.

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Alaska Fire Science Consortium. 2014. New Satellite Sensors for Wildfire Mapping and Monitoring. AFSC Research Brief 2014-2. Fairbanks, AK: Alaska Fire Science Consortium. 2 p.