Use of BEHAVE for forest fires and prescribed fire experiments in Siberia
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Eric N. Valendik; Yegor K. Kisilyakhov; Galina A. Ivanova; V. D. Perevoznikova; S. V. Verkhovets
Editor(s): Susan G. Conard
Publication Year: 2000

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  • fuel loads
  • fuel reduction
  • Siberia
  • International
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Prescribed fire was tested as a potential tool for site preparation and for reducing fire hazard after clearcut logging in dark coniferous forests in Siberia. Experimental burns were conducted on 8 sites to evaluate the practicality of fire use and effects of prescribed fires on fuels and on site conditions for regeneration. The BEHAVE system for fuel and fire behavior modeling was used successfully to predict fire behavior and to help determine prescription windows for burning. The application of prescribed fire following clearcut logging in Siberian forests shows considerable promise as a management tool.

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Valendik,Eric N.; Kisilyakhov, Yegor K.; Ivanova, Galina A.; Perevoznikova, Valentina D.; Verkhovets, Serghey V. 2000. Use of BEHAVE for forest fires and prescribed fire experiments in Siberia. Pages 398-402. In: Conard, Susan G. (editor). Disturbance in boreal forest ecosystems: human impacts and natural processes. Proceedings of the International Boreal Forest Research Association 1997 annual meeting; 1997 August 4-7; Duluth, Minnesota. General Technical Report NC-GTR-209. St. Paul, MN: USDA Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station.