Gaseous and particulate emissions from burning in the boreal forest
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Joel S. Levine; Wesley R. Cofer III; Donald R. Cahoon; Edward L. Winstead; Brian J. Stocks; Veronica A. Krasovic; Lawrence Mtetwa
Editor(s): Susan G. Conard
Publication Year: 2000

Cataloging Information

  • air quality
  • biomass
  • biomass burning
  • boreal forests
  • broadcast burning
  • catastrophic fires
  • CH4 - methane
  • charcoal
  • chemistry
  • China
  • climate change
  • climatology
  • CO - carbon monoxide
  • CO2 - carbon dioxide
  • disturbance
  • ecosystem dynamics
  • fire intensity
  • fire management
  • fire size
  • gases
  • H2 - hydrogen
  • hydrocarbons
  • land use
  • nitrogen
  • ozone
  • particulates
  • PM - particulate matter
  • radiation
  • Russia
  • S - sulfur
  • savannas
  • Siberia
  • statistical analysis
  • tropical forest
  • woody fuels
  • International
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Biomass burning is a significant regional and global source of gaseous and particulate emissions to the atmosphere. These emissions impact the composition and chemistry of the troposphere and stratosphere and affect the transfer of both incoming solar radiation and outgoing infrared radiation, and hence, impact global climate. Due to the unique characteristics of both the boreal forest and the composition and chemistry of the overlying boreal atmosphere, the gaseous and particulate emissions resulting from boreal forest fires are important for both the regional and global atmosphere.

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Levine, Joel S.; Cofer, Wesley R., III; Cahoon, Donald R., Jr.; Winstead, Edward L.; Stocks, Brian J.; Krasovic, Veronica A.; Mtetwa, Lawrence. 2000. Gaseous and particulate emissions from burning in the boreal forest. Pages 164-174. In: Conard, Susan G. (editor). Disturbance in boreal forest ecosystems: human impacts and natural processes. Proceedings of the International Boreal Forest Research Association 1997 annual meeting; 1997 August 4-7; Duluth, Minnesota. General Technical Report NC-GTR-209. St. Paul, MN: USDA Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station.