What do Forest Fires, Caribou, and Monster Truck Tires have in Common?
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  • Matt Nolan
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  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Date: February 25, 2014

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  • aerial photography
  • digital imagery
  • digital SLR photography
  • orthophoto
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Dr. Matt Nolan is a Research Associate Professor at UAF's Institute of Northern Engineering with degrees in geophysics and arctic and mechanical engineering. He has been pioneering new high-tech uses of an old tool-the aerial photo. With new advances in computer processing and display technologies, airborne digital SLR Photogrammetry is an even more powerful tool for field sciences, especially in remote areas like Alaska. that is likely to revolutionize our scientific methods and capabilities. At this Alaska Fire Science Consortium Webinar on February 25, 2014, Matt shared results from his recent airborne photogrammetry campaigns in Alaska, and related them to possible fire and forest management applications. See his website to contact him and for more info!

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