Data catalog and scanned images for Anderson and Rothermel early fire behavior experiments
  • US Forest Service, Research Data Archive
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  • Joint Fire Science Program
Publication Date: 2013

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  • biota
  • fire danger
  • fire spread
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xMax: -160.0000 , xMin: -168.0000 , yMax: 71.0000 , yMin: 40.0000 , Datum: WGS84
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Record Last Modified: August 16, 2019
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This data product contains scanned photos from pivotal experiments conducted by Richard Rothermel and Hal Anderson at the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory from the early 1960s through the mid-1980s. The scans document early research that forms the foundation of fire spread and fire danger models used in the field to this day. It also contains a data catalog and finding aid for the hard copy data and files available for these experiments. The current generation of web-based fire decision support systems is based on this early Rothermel and Anderson research. [This data product is archived in the USFS Research Data Archive, number RDS-2013-0011.]

Smith, Diane M.; Lee, Kristine M. 2013. Data catalog and scanned images for Anderson and Rothermel early fire behavior experiments. Fort Collins, CO: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.
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