Fire Management, Fire Science, and Climate Change: Where Do We Go from Here?
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  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Date: November 25, 2013

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  • AFSC - Alaska Fire Science Consortium
  • climate change
  • fire area
  • fire frequency
  • fire regime
  • fire severity
  • fire suppression effects
  • fuel moisture
  • fuels treatment
  • landscape ecology
  • water balance
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Fire, climate, and vegetation are tightly linked from the time scale of a single fire event to the time scales associated with landscape and ecosystem change. But climate change - and, in many places, fire suppression - have changed the nature of fire regimes we thought we knew by changing the interactions between fire, climate and fuels. By understanding the ways these components interact, we gain a better knowledge of the nature of fire - for example what is 'catastrophic', what is 'natural', and what is a 'fire regime' in a world of constant change? Also, we can gain better understanding of how fire and vegetation might unfold in the future given climate change and how we might make choices about the human relationship with fire via our attempts to manage it. In this webinar, I'll talk about work that we have done trying to better understand how climate affects fire in different vegetation types of the western U.S. and what implications that work has for understanding climate change and fire elsewhere.

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