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  • Southwest Fire Science Consortium
Publication Date: August 21, 2013

Charlotte Reemts, an Ecologist for the Nature Conservancy, and Dr. Helen Poulos, from Wesleyan University, will team up to present this webinar that connects science and management of fire in the Davis Mountains of west Texas. Three wildfires burned through the pinyon-juniper-oak forests of the Davis Mountains in 2011 and 2012. Fuel treatments (prescribed fire, thinning, and thinning + prescribed fire) applied before the wildfires reduced fire severity and subsequent tree mortality relative to areas that experienced wildfire alone. Overall tree mortality was still high, due partly to drought conditions at the time of the fires. This webinar is sponsored by the Southwest Fire Science Consortium. It originally aired August 21, 2013.

Recording Length: 0:53:51
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  • Davis Mountains
  • FFS - Fire and Fire Surrogate Study
  • fire severity
  • fuels treatments
  • SWFSC - Southwest Fire Science Consortium
  • thinning
  • west Texas
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