Publication of Literature Synthesis Entitled "Effects of Fire on Nonnative Invasive Plants" as 6th Volume in the General Technical Report "Wildland Fire in Ecosystems" (Rainbow Series)
Principal Investigator(s):
  • Jane Kapler Smith
    US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program
Co-Principal Investigator(s):
  • Matthew L. Brooks
    US Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Center
  • Steve Sutherland
    US Forest Service, Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory
  • Kristin L. Zouhar
    US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program
Completion Date: September 28, 2007

Cataloging Information

  • invasive plants
  • literature review
  • nonnative species
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Managers need to understand the scientific principles that drive the relationships between fire and invasive plants, and they need to know what aspects of fire-invasive issues are unique to their geographic regions. This project will (1) produce a General Technical Report in the Wildland Fire in Ecosystems (Rainbow) Series that synthesizes science-based information on relationships between fire and nonnative invasive plant species, and (2) distribute the report systematically to wildland managers and people who offer training to managers. This project will addresses Task 1 of AFP 2004-4 by delivering to managers a review of knowledge on invasive plant species in relationship to fire. The project will capitalize on a project currently underway, funded by the Center for Invasive Plant management (CIPM), to obtain literature reviews of fire and nonnative invasive plants in the western U.S. It will extend the CIPM work to cover all of the U.S. and supplement it with information on major concerns and emerging issues specific to 7 geographic regions covering the U.S. As a review of the scientific literature, this report will be based mainly on information in the primary literature. The editors will review all chapters, as will the Director of The Nature Conservancy's Wildland Invasive Species Team and 1-2 other independent reviewers per chapter. A Technical Information Specialist will edit the manuscript and bring it to publication (hard copy and e-copy on the Internet) through the Rocky Mountain Research Station. Then a CD-ROM will be produced containing all 6 Rainbow Series reports, plus a PowerPoint introduction and worksheet, and delivered to those who teach managers about fire and invasive plants.