Can archeology survive a fire?
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Joint Fire Science Program
Contributor(s): Jay T. Sturdevant
Publication Year: 2011

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  • archaeology
  • cultural resources
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A recent scientific project funded by the Joint Fire Science Program studied the potential impact of wildland fire on near-surface archeological resources at six diverse sites within the Midwest Region of the National Park Service (NPS). Information was collected on fire conditions in prescribed fires on these sites. Data was collected on the impacts of fire on multiple classes of archeological materials routinely observed on sites within this region. Research encompassed different regional environments and different resource types. It is believed that by having this information, park managers will be able to more effectively balance the needs of natural and archeological resources. Contributing scientists are Jay Sturdevant.

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Joint Fire Science Program. 2011. Can archeology survive a fire? JFSP Fire Science Brief. March 2011(129):1-6.