Southwest Fire Season: 2013 Outlook and How It's Built
Media Type: Webinar
  • Chuck Maxwell
    Southwest Interagency Coordination Center, Predictive Services
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  • Southwest Fire Science Consortium
Recording Date: March 27, 2013

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fire potential; fire season; predictive services
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Chuck Maxwell discussed how Predictive Services develops seasonal fire potential predictions and what the outlook is this year for the Southwest. The webinar provided an inside view of the data and methods that go into fire season predictions, and equally important where the greatest uncertainty is. The webinar also walked through the outlook for this year's fire season and include time for questions and answers. This webinar was hosted by the Southwest Fire Science Consortium (SWFSC, PLEASE NOTE: the SWFSC's webinar recording did not begin until partway through the presentation, therefore the videos linked in this record are actually copies of an earlier but similar presentation posted on the Southwest Coordination Center's Predictive Services website ( The presentation originally provided by the Predictive Services website was split into two parts (methodology and seasonal outlook), each part of the presentation is available below in either wmv or mp4 format.

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