Effects of fire on Madrean Province ecosystems: a symposium proceedings
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Editor(s): Peter F. Ffolliott; Leonard F. DeBano; Malchus B. Baker Jr.; Gerald J. Gottfried; Gilberto Solis-Garza; Carleton B. Edminster; Daniel G. Neary; Larry S. Allen; Robert H. Hamre
Publication Year: 1996

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  • Arizona
  • Madrean Archipelago
  • Madrean Province
  • Mexico
  • New Mexico
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This second conference on the Madrean Archipelago/Sky Island ecosystem brought together scientists, managers, and resource specialists from government, universities, and private organizations in the United States and Mexico to explore the effects of fire on Madrean Province ecosystem, and how fire can be incorporated in an ecosystem approach to both research and management.

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Ffolliott, Peter F.; DeBano, Leonard F.; Baker, Malchus B.; Gottfried, Gerald J.; Solis-Garza, Gilberto; Edminster, Carleton B.; Neary, Daniel G.; Allen, Larry S.; Hamre, R. H. (technical coordinators). 1996. Effects of fire on Madrean Province ecosystems: a symposium proceedings. General Technical Report RM-GTR-289. Fort Collins, CO: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 277 p.

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