A systems analysis of the global boreal forest
Document Type: Book
Author(s): Herman H. Shugart; Rik Leemans; Gordon B. Bonan
Publication Year: 1992

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  • boreal forest
  • fire cycle
  • insects
  • international
  • lightning
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The boreal forests of the world, geographically situated to the south of the Arctic and generally north of latitude 50 degrees, are considered to be one of the earth's most significant terrestrial ecosystems in terms of their potential for interaction with other global scale systems, such as climate and anthropologenic activity. This book, developed by an international panel of ecologists, provides a synthesis of the important patterns and processes which occur in boreal forests and reviews the principal mechanisms which control the forests' pattern in space and time. The effects of cold temperatures, soil ice, insects, plant competition, wildfires and climatic change on the boreal forests are discussed as a basis for the development of the first global scale computer model of the dynamical change of a biome, able to project the change of the boreal forest over timescales of decades to millennia, and over the global extent of this forest.

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Shugart, Herman H.; Leemans, Rik; Bonan, Gordon B. 1992. A systems analysis of the global boreal forest. Cambridge University Press. Great Britain. 580 p.