Remote fire detection using MMW radiometric sensor
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Lev S. Sadovnik; Vladimir A. Manasson; Robert E. Chapman; Robert M. Mino; Vladimir Kiseliov
Publication Year: 1998

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  • computer hardware
  • fire detection
  • millimeter wave (MMV) scanning radiometer
  • optical sensors
  • visible radiation
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Lack of reliable fire warning and detection systems for urban/wildland interface, large area industrial facilities and transportation systems result each year in a loss of millions of dollars worth of property; it also endangers lives. Typical optical fire detection sensor do not work well under frequency encountered adverse atmospheric conditions and, in addition, are incapable of covering sizable areas. WaveBand has recently developed hardware to study the feasibility of fire detection using a millimeter wave (MMW) scanning radiometer. It has proven the advantages of remote fire detection even under adverse weather conditions and through fire-generated smoke, better immunity to false alarms than optical sensors, and larger area of coverage. Despite using a wavelength that is much longer than that of visible light, the MMW sensor can accurate pinpoint the location of a developing fire.

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Sadovnik, Lev S.; Manasson, Vladimir A.; Chapman, Robert E.; Mino, Robert M.; Kiseliov, Vladimir. 1998. Remote fire detection using MMW radiometric sensor. Proceedings of the SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering 3378.

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