Lessons from the fires of 2000: post-fire heterogeneity in ponderosa pine forests
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Natasha B. Kotliar; Sandra L. Haire; Carl H. Key
Editor(s): Philip N. Omi; Linda A. Joyce
Publication Year: 2003

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  • BAER - Burned Area Emergency Response
  • burn severity
  • Landsat TM (Thematic Mapper)
  • NBR - Normalized Burn Ratio
  • Pinus ponderosa
  • ponderosa pine forest
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We evaluate burn-severity patterns for six burns that occurred in the southern Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau in 2000. We compare the results of two data sources: Burned Area Rehabilitations Teams (BAER) and a spatial burn severity model derived from satellite imagery (the Normalized Burn Ratio; NBR). BAER maps tended to overestimate area of severe burns and underestimate area of moderate-severity burns relative to NBR maps. Low elevation and more southern ponderosa pine burns were predominantly understory burns, whereas burns at higher elevations and farther north had a greater component of high-severity burns. Thus, much, if not most, of the area covered by these burns appears to be consistent with historic burns and contributes to healthy functioning ecosystems.

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Kotliar, Natasha B.; Haire, Sandra L.; Key, Carl H. 2003. Lessons from the fires of 2000: post-fire heterogeneity in ponderosa pine forests. Pages 277-279. In: Omi, Philip N.; Joyce, Linda A. (technical editors). Fire, Fuel Treatments, and Ecological Restoration: Conference Proceedings: 16-18 April 2002: Fort Collins, Colorado. Proceedings RMRS-P-29. Fort Collins, CO: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.