Fire Regime Condition Class Mapping Tool
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  • Stephen W. Barrett
    National Interagency Fuels Technology Team (NIFTT)
  • Jeffrey L. Jones
    US Forest Service
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  • Southwest Fire Science Consortium
Recording Date: July 18, 2012

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ArcGIS; departure; fire regimes; FRCC - Fire Regime Condition Class; SWFSC - Southwest Fire Science Consortium; vegetation conditions
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Record Last Modified: September 1, 2017
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The FRCC Mapping Tool quantifies the departure of vegetation conditions and fire regimes from a set of reference conditions representing the historical range of variation. The tool, which operates from an ArcGIS platform, derives several metrics of departure (e.g., vegetation composition and structure, fire severity, and fire frequency) by comparing current conditions to reference conditions. FRCC Mapping Tool outputs can be used to develop management plans and treatment strategies aimed at restoring vegetation conditions and/or disturbance regimes. Learn more at: This webinar was presented by Steve Barrett and Jeff Jones, NIFTT University of Idaho, and hosted by the Southwest Fire Science Consortium.

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