National Fire Decision Support Center: 2011 Annual Report
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Author(s): Wildland Fire Management RD&A
Publication Year: 2011

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In response to the increasing complexities of fire management the National Fire Decision Support Center (NFDSC) was created in May 2009. The Center, a group of scientists, researchers and practitioners has been operational for the past two years. Complexities of fire management have been and continue to increase in response to rising suppression costs, potential resource impacts (air quality, watersheds), numerous values at risk on the landscape (homes, power lines, dams, etc.) as well as mixed perception and attitudes regarding fire management. The efforts of the NFDSC are to: Improve the science basis for large fire decision making; improve fire management decision support tools and processes; improve agency capability to manage fire expenditures maintain centralized decision support capabilities to conduct decision support and analyses for fires; and continue development of a safety culture that is highly reliable, resilient, and takes a proactive and systematic approach to managing risk. The NFDSC provides corporate decision support information and monitoring on wildland fires; directed research on strategic decision making capability and risk modeling; and improved awareness and application of decision support information in risk-informed decision making. The NFDSC is a virtual organization comprised of team members from multiple USFS research and management programs, Department of Interior (DOI), and potentially other cooperator organizations. Existing Forest Service units that provide staff for integration in this effort include: WFM RDA (RMRS, FAM, and DOI involvement); Human Factors and Risk Management RDA (RMRS); Fire Spread Research (Fire, Fuels, and Smoke Program, RMRS); and Fire Economics Research (Human Dimensions Program, RMRS), figure 1. This report describes the NFDSC's annual accomplishments for fiscal year 2011. The main body of the report provides summary information highlighting projects and programs, while the appendix provides detailed lists of accomplishments.

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