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Principal Investigator(s):
  • Nicholas L. Crookston
    US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Co-Principal Investigator(s):
  • Gary E. Dixon
    US Forest Service, Forest Management Service Center
  • Ralph R. Johnson
    US Forest Service
  • Stephanie A. Rebain
  • Elizabeth D. Reinhardt
    US Forest Service, Fire and Aviation Management
  • Mindy Martin
    US Forest Service
Completion Date: November 30, 2005

This project proposes to address Tasks 7 and 8 of the Joint Fire Sciences Proposal (JFSP) request 2001-1. JFSP research has produced a simulation system called the Fire and Fuels Effects (FFE) system (Crookston 2001). FFE is directly integrated with an existing vegetation modeling system called the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS). The combined modeling system, FFE-FVS, has proven to be a valuable tool for use by forest managers. FFE-FVS can be used to aid in the design of fuels treatments and other investments to minimize fire risk. As an enhancement of the FFE-FVS work in progress, this project will provide for a full range of training for field personnel at all sites where the FFE-FVS is operational, provide for support of the computer code, and expand the applicability of FFE-FVS to the Ozark/Ouachita Highlands of the east. The model will be linked to existing corporate vegetation databases and provide opportunity to conduct economic analysis of projects. To achieve these objectives, capacity will be added to the technology support staff in Fort Collins, CO.; the Fort Collins staff is currently providing similar support for other forest nunagement computer applications. This project will provide the technology transfer and operational support of JFSP research to practitioners at field offices. The FFE-FVS model will become applicable to more forestland in the United States.

Cataloging Information

  • FFE-FVS - Fire and Fuels Extension to the Forest Vegetation Simulator
  • training
JFSP Project Number(s):
  • 01-1-7-07
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