Software under development for predicting the effectiveness of grassland firebreaks
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Author(s): Martin E. Alexander; Gregory J. Baxter; Rex Hsieh
Publication Year: 2006

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  • Australia
  • CFFDRS - Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
  • computer program
  • FBP - CFFDRS Fire Behavior Prediction System
  • fire break
  • FWI - Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System
  • grasslands
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As part of their project on linear disturbances, the Wildland Fire Operations Research Group of the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) have developed a state-of-the art user-oriented computer program for gauging the effectiveness of firebreaks in stopping free-burning wildfires in grasslands. The software is based on coupling existing models for firebreak breaching developed Australia and the United States with the two major modules or subsystems of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System-i.e., the Fire Weather Index (FWI) System and Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System. The modelled outputs have application in devising and analyzing strategies for minimizing the impacts of linear disturbances on potential fire behavior and in the wildland-urban interface. For further information contact Greg Baxter (

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Alexander, M.E.; Baxter, G.J.; Hsieh, R. 2006. Software under development for predicting the effectiveness of grassland firebreaks.