Understanding fire behavior-the key to effective fuels management
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Author(s): Martin E. Alexander
Publication Year: 2003

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  • fuel breaks
  • fuel conversion
  • fuel isolation
  • fuel load
  • fuels management
  • hazard fuel reduction
  • thinning
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This presentation will cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of fuels management (i.e., fuel reduction, fuel conversion and fuel isolation) as it pertains to reducing the severity and subsequent impact of future wildfire occurrences. There are two links for this presentation. The first link is a copy of the power-point presentation in note format and the second link is a powerpoint slideshow. This presentation is a dinner and keynote address for the FERIC sponsored Fuels Management Workshop, held October 6-8, 2003 in Hinton, Alberta.

Alexander, M. E. 2003. Understanding fire behavior-the key to effective fuels management. Presented at the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada-Wildland Fire Operations Research Group Sponsored Fuels Management Workshop, October 6-8, 2003, Hinton, Alberta.