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Type: Poster
Author(s): Miguel G. Cruz; Martin E. Alexander; Nicole M. Vaillant; David L. Peterson
Publication Date: 2011

We are presently engaged in a project supported by the U.S. Joint Fire Science Program aimed at synthesizing the currently available information on crown fire behaviour in conifer forests (e.g., the onset of crowning, type of crown fire and the associated spread rate and fireline intensity) in relation to the wildland fire environment (i.e. fuels, weather and topography). While the focus is on the coniferous forests of the United States and adjacent areas of Canada, the synthesis is intended to be global in nature and is intended for multiple audiences ranging from the general public to college students to fire and land managers to university professors and other researchers. In addition to summarizing the existing scientific and technical literature on the subject, project members are also actively seeking assistance from individuals in the form of field observations of crown fires and related experiences as well as still pictures and video footage in both natural forest stands and industrial plantations . Information from all regions of the world would be appreciated, including Mexico, South Africa, Australasia, Europe, Central and and South America, Europe and Asia. Feel free to contact any member of the project team. Finally, we are interested in hearing from you as to your opinions on the subject of crown fires and any specific questions and/or research needs/knowledge gaps that you would like to see addressed or discussed in this crown fire synthesis project. The Forest Fire Management Group in Australia have for example done an excellent job of enunciating many of their concerns regarding the implications of crown fires in softwood plantations.

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Citation: Cruz, Miguel G.; Alexander, Martin E.; Vaillant, Nicole M.; Peterson, David L. 2011. Crown fires in conifer forests of the world: do you have something to contribute or would like to know about something? In: Proceedings of Wildfire2011, 5th International Wildland Fire Conference, 9-13 May 2011, Sun City, South Africa.

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