The 1990 Stephan Bridge Road fire in Michigan: a Canadian perspective on the fire danger conditions
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Martin E. Alexander
Publication Year: 1992

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  • fire behavior case study
  • fire danger
  • jack pine
  • Michigan
  • Stephan Bridge Road fire
  • wind-driven wildland fire
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From the introduction: The NFPA Fire Investigations Division has done an excellent job in preparing their case study report on the Stephan Bridge Road Fire, which occurred in northern lower Michigan during the 1990 fire season. This wildfire represents a classic example of high-intensity, wind-driven crowning through jack pine forests in flat country. The Stephan Bridge Road Fire will certainly be of interest to fire managers in Canada because of the general paucity of well-documented examples of significant wildland/urban interface fire incidents and the similarity of fuel types, topography, synoptic-scale weather, and fire behavior. As a result, one might ask: What would the basic indexes of the forest fire danger rating system used in Canada have been?

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Alexander, M. E. 1992. The 1990 Stephan Bridge Road Fire in Michigan: a Canadian perspective on the fire danger conditions. Wildfire News & Notes 6(1):6.