Wildland fire suppression related fatalities in Canada, 1941-2010: a preliminary report
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Martin E. Alexander; Paul Buxton-Carr
Editor(s): Rebekah L. Fox
Publication Year: 2011

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  • CFFF - Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation
  • CIFFC - Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre
  • fatal accidents
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This paper compiles for the first time a comprehensive summary of firefighter deaths associated with wildland fire suppression operations in Canada covering the period from 1941 to 2010. It is based on three sources of information: (i) annual reports of forest fire losses published and/or compiled by the federal forest service in Canada (1941-1990); (ii) annual reports of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (1991-2010); and (iii) a summary being compiled for the Canadian Firefighters Memorial based on information supplied by fire management agencies and private aircraft companies. According to all of these records, there have been some 165 reported wildland fire suppression related fatalities in Canada over the past 70 years. This represents an average of at least two fatalities per year. There were no known fatalities reported in 23 of those 70 years. The maximum number of fatalities (16) in any given year occurred in 1955 in British Columbia, which also incurred 45% of the 132 firefighter deaths reported in Canada from 1941 to 1990. Many of the firefighter deaths have involved aircraft accidents.

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Alexander, M. E.; Buxton-Carr, P. 2011. Wildland fire suppression related fatalities in Canada, 1941-2010: a preliminary report. in Fox, R. L., ed. Proceedings of the 11th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit, Missoula, Montana, 4-8 April 2011. Missoula, MT: International Association of Wildland Fire. 15 p.