'What do we do now, Ollie?'
Document Type: Book Chapter
Author(s): Robert L. Irwin
Editor(s): David R. Weise; Robert E. Martin
Publication Year: 1995

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  • fire cost
  • fire mitigation
  • fire suppression costs
  • property damage
  • wildfire property losses
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A personal overview of why California is suffering billion-dollar-per-year costs and losses from wildland fire is presented. Two primary and ten supplemental factors contribute to the huge losses. The primary factors are lack of planning effectiveness and lack of adequate fuels management on a sustained basis. Supplemental factors target organizational and political weaknesses that contribute to the destructive consequences of the primary factors. Correction or elimination of the dozen factors can significantly reduce costs and losses in the future. Actions to make the needed corrections are suggested.

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Irwin, Robert L. 1995. 'What do we do now, Ollie?' In: Weise, David R.; Martin, Robert E., technical coordinators. The Biswell symposium: fire issues and solutions in urban interface and wildland ecosystems; February 15-17, 1994; Walnut Creek, California. General Technical Report PSW-GTR-158. Albany, CA: USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. p. 17-22.